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We've had our fill of fresh members, and its always a pleasure to see someone new to the scene pull off an astounding work from out of the blue- literally and figuratively :D

Enter Plasmeyt Jokko Jimenez with his unique reinvention of the Nightie. Traditionally Nightingale is covered by the reddish-char trademark hue and sometimes fans shout blasphemy when somebody tries to deviate from it. What happened here is completely the opposite, resulting into an eye-pleasing color scheme that is both luscious and refreshing altogether.

Here we go! :)
Nightingale (MSN-04-02)
Manufacturer: Model Comprehend

Metallic blue body color was achieved through the following:
1) Primed the parts with Primer Gray and it served as my base color. Let dry for 30 minutes.
2) Painted two thin layers of Vallejo Metallic Silver with 30 minutes of drying time in between. Let dry for 12 hours - just to be really sure, didn't want to mess it up.
3) Painted two thin layers of Vallejo Transparent Blue with 30 minutes of drying time in between. Let dry for 12 hours.
4) Topcoat!

Silver parts were done until step 2 only.
As soon as I saw this kit being displayed in the GTO stall in Ozine, I bought this kit without hesitation. I actually enjoyed building this kit because Nightingale is really bad-ass, and I thought it would be really cute and cool looking at the same time even if its just an SD kit. It was my first MC kit and there were close to no problems snap-building it at first. The few trimmings you have to make is almost always given since it is not Bandai, but very manageable. I also appreciate the awesome box art. The only problem with this is the very limited articulation. But then again, it's just so bad-ass that it just needs to stand there with its LED light monoeye on! Two thumbs up for this kit!

The results! 

Cant wait to see more works from Jokko soon.

Till next, Mismo!

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