Posted by : Kevin Amiel Ismael Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hi guys! here's a commission I made given by a friend. I named it Nightwing because of the color resemblance of a DC character (the old robin who turned into nightwing).

Base Kit: MG WCZ

- Minor mods are done due to the owner wants.
- Placed feather extensions.
-Scratch-built some blades and placed it on both heels and knees.
- Extended the blades on both forearms then tweaked the gauntlet a bit.
-tweaked the sideskirts and added minor details on it.
-added some luminous stickers on the kit (somehow my favorite thing to do)
-Whole kit is handpainted except for the action base.

 more pics & wip link visit here: just search the public albums named Mingo Martillano's

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