Posted by : Lotur Sunday, April 28, 2013

PG has been around the block for quite awhile now, and we've had our share of changes through the years. People come and go. Hiatus. Returns. Rinse, repeat. Three of our ex-forum admins come to mind- Raps, Vlad and Vic. We may have a new generation of admins in the page/forums but their legendary collections have imbued a lasting impression in the minds of our plasmates years back. 



I guess its high time we honor a few of these revered old timers and introduce them to our current crop of collectors:



Raps' Collects

This guy specialized in scale 100s, when I first saw this tabletop 1/100 setup back in 2007 i went apeshit lmao! Hopefully Raps is just biding his time for a comeback soon. Very inspirational for plamo collectors.

Vic Valdez's Hangar

Ive prolly ran out of superlatives to describe Vic's collections. From the variety to the resin works, he's got it all. I have lost count how many times I amusingly tried to pry away that Super DeepStriker work of his to no avail lmao! Def a must see when I pay a visit to Bay area in the future.


Vlad's Empire

The Empire! This guy revolutionized the carinderia cab setup, a lot of our plasmates back then emulated this cost effective approach instead of going for the overpriced mall cabs. But the cab was just half the story, his collects are literally an empire in itself, stretching from riders to figs to plamo.

Im pretty sure some of them are slowly creeping in back to plamo (i know Vlad is lol) so we can expect more goodies from the three soon.

Thats it for our blast from the past special, a lot more on the way.

Till next- MISMO!

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