Posted by : Lotur Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sometimes we find ourselves as hobbyists that any good kit requires at least a paint job or some basic mods to maximize its potential. But there are also other modelers who practice the no-paint gunpla method at heart and excel admirably.

Destiny is one of my favorite kits especially in MG format, through the years my love for the kit has admittedly waned with the arrival of newer, modern mobile suit designs. When RG Destiny debut, I remained a lil ho-hum about it, skeptical that it couldnt lick RG Justice's proverbial jockstraps.

Boy, was I wrong. Wildone "The Nub Eater" Ibanez shows us the full, no paint-gunpla potential of the Sexy RG Destiny:

Very clean and sharp, great build Wildone!

Till next, Mismo!

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