Posted by : Lotur Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I have been away from the modeling scene for almost 3 years until mid last 2012, and by then I was so out of touch that my panache for quality works have dulled through the years. I was happily content with OOTB works, flatcoat here and there, silvered foil stickers did not even bother me.

Not until I saw this monster.

Enter Neograde's 1/100 Resin Kshatriya, modeled by one of our prominent local artists Doy "Doyzilla" Alvarez.

Admittedly this inspired a paradigm shift on my personal perspective as a collector- it led me to focus on premium quality works from then onwards. This was one of the best-made renditions of the Neograde model in the modeling scene- and despite it being around a year old already, Doyzilla's 1/100 Resin Kshatriya remains a timeless classic.

Till next, Mismo!

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