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Many members are asking how tall a kit specifically if it is in 1/144. So here's a guide on measuring your kit or non-specified scale figure (especially your gashapons and vinyl figures). Don't complain if this post is long, just read it. It's worth it.

So what is a scale? 

It is a term we used to re-size the STANDARD measurement of a real life object into a miniature; or it can be re-sizing a figure into a higher/lower scale.

*a non-proportioned figure (like SD) doesn't have a scale if you compare it to a proportioned figure that has standard size, but you can re-scale it if you want to make it bigger or smaller.

Remember the higher the digit is, the smaller it would be. The lower the digit, the bigger it is.

How to convert a STANDARD size to a smaller scale?

example: I want to know how tall Neue Ziel is if it is in 1/144 and 1/100

First you need to know its standard height, just go to and search for the model's overall height.

so Neue Ziel's height is 76.6 m
 *note: metric system (meter, centimeter, kilometer) is easier to use than english system (inch, foot, yards)
 *take note that we will use cm on every scale so imagine the scale to 1 cm/144 cm and 1 cm/100 cm. Don't ask, just do it.

Next step is to follow a formula:

1. Multiply the numerator by the standard measurement of the specified unit.
2. Then divide the result to it's denominator
      76.6/144 = 0.5319cm , 76.6/100 = 0.766cm
3. Then multiply it by 100
      0.5319cm(100cm) = 53.19cm, 0.766cm(100) = 76.6cm (well as you can see 1/100 is easier, just turn  meters into centimeters)

so there you have it. Neue Ziel's Height on 1/144 scale is 53.19cm while it is  76.6cm in 1/100 scale.

How to identify the standard height on a specific scale?

given the scale and the measurement of the figure, you can easily solve it by doing the steps above in reverse.

1.Divide the height of the figure to 100
2. Then multiply the result of the figure to the denominator of the scale.
3. Then just change cm to m. (don't ask, it will be complicated,  this post will be longer to read)    

How to identify the scale of a non-specified scale figure?
A nice example on identifying a scale are gashapons. Just follow this steps to identify a scale of each individual gashapon.

1. Measure the height of the gashapon and always use centimeters.
2. Divide it  by 100
3. Lastly use the answer to divide the standard size(just get the overall height of the unit in

example: I have a zaku II gashapon and it's height is 4cm.
           4 / 100 = 0.04
              The overall height of a Zaku II is 17.5m
               17.5 / 0.04 =  437.5  round off the decimal number and you got the scale
                so the scale of the gashapon is on 1/438 or 1/440 so it's easier to read.

How to re-size a kit into a bigger/smaller size scale?

a good example is turning your 1/100 kit to 1/24  or your 1/100 kit to 1/150. so follow these steps

1. Convert 1 meter to your preferred scale
          1 meter on 1/24 is 4.17cm, while 1 meter on 1/150 is 0.67cm
2. measure your 1/100 kits dimension and multiply it with the preferred scale.
          example if your exia's length forearm is 3cm multiply it with 4.17cm if it's on 1/24th scale or 0.67cm if it's on 1/150th scale. So the results are 12.51cm (1/24) and 2.01cm (1/150)


So if you're now building bigger or smaller models with the help of this post, please do share your work to us and we will feature it :)

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