Posted by : Lotur Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hi plasmates! Still tired as heck and my creative juices at the bottom of the barrel, but it wont do the community any justice if I fail to feature this kit tonight. Ace Perez, "Anazasi Junior" / "Alas" as we fondly call him- is one of our up and comers in the modeling scene. Ace made short work of my old Zudah ootb. How did he fare? I'll let our plasmate take the cue:

"Hi everyone! Ace Perez here. Its been 4 days since my last wip. Im now ready and excited for my next project- zudah! Its from the uc igloo something haha! Really not familiar about it but, i love how bandai made this kit. It has that elaborate wow factor written all over it for a mere grunt model. Anyway here's what ive done in this kit. I removed all excess nubs since its a commish. Then painted it with primer. After primering the kit, I sprayed with a shade of tamiya purple having a mix of white paint and tamiya thinner. Then I let it dry for almost an hour before going for the flatcoat. Ooh and about the details- I used black, primer, purple, chrome, and clear red. The latter was for the thrusters effect then black for the chest parts including other stuff and weapons. Chrome was also for the trusters. So there you go hope you liked my commish wip of the day!"

Till next time, Mismo! :)

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