Posted by : Lotur Monday, May 6, 2013

Just finished watching Spartacus a few weeks ago and the end scene (spoilers ahead) was a prelude to the Roman triumvirate between Marcus Crassus, Pompei Magnus and the great Julius Caesar.

Now PG has a triumvirate of that same mold.

Very honored to feature the works from three of the best modelers in the country today- Vanz "Anazasi" Hilario, Mark "Sexy Time" Bersola and David "Davime" Ceremonia. It was pleasure capturing these masterpieces side by side.

Massive BFGs and Full Armor types which emphasize a beautiful clusterf**k have always been a fan favorite in the modeling scene. We fondly refer to them as MAMAWS in PG vernacular, a sight to behold.

Behold the three MAMAWS: Deepstriker, Berst and Perseus!

 And here is a teaser for our upcoming yarian challenge later this year!
Kits like these reflect the unrivaled passion of modelers in honing their craft. The execution might be different and the approach altogether- but what remains constant is the unyielding spirit to conquer personal limitations to keep bettering one's best. These monsters are the perfect example to that.

Looking forward to the next generation of mamaws in the coming months. I sense the calm before the storm and have seen some WIPs of upcoming greats. Excited to see them all soon!

Till next, Mismo!

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