Posted by : Lotur Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thirdz Velasco, "Choco" as we fondly call him- is a plasmate of many talents. He is lined up first to take the hotseat in our upcoming PG Interview sessions (with questions that will put Mo Twister to shame lolz) having won in-house competitions here and there from various groups. Now he has another upcoming gem in store for all of us...

Sieg Zeon! :D

Its got a pet to boot!

Gotta luv da creativity

For the wip photos here is Choco's Album:

Thirdz really outdid himself with this build. The shogun-esque feel was a refreshing change of scenery while retaining the zeonic elements that made the zaku design a simplistic marvel.

Till next dibs, este... till next time! :D

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