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This is a review of Gundam Fix Figuration #0038 MSF-007/FA-007GIII Gundam Mk III all I could say is that this GFF is a very solid good looking Figure. At first glance you will just notice how simple Gundam Mk III is. His color is a greyish one and only a handful of reds. Gundam Mk III is also a very stable figure. He is also very detailed figure even thou it doesn’t have an armor yet you could see the AEUG markings on his left shoulder pads and an AE or Anaheim Electronics logo on the right shoulder pads. You can also see some warning label signs or markings on its exhaust on both of its legs and feet. The only thing that I notice about the design of Gundam Mk III is that they didn’t incorporate the inner frame design like that one on previous GFF Perfect Gundam.

Here's the normal view of Gundam Mk-III with out the armor's and other configurations stuff

And here's his second configuration

And now here's his third configuation

Gundam Mk III is a very streamlined, simple, and a very solid design. The only thing that I don’t like about this Gundam Mk III is that it has a very low articulation points. The body is not rotatable, the legs cannot do a high kick or a front kick it cannot also do a split move. The elbows parts can only do a 90 degrees movement, the head is rotatable. All I can say is that this one has a very bad articulation.

Now about its load and armaments I really like the back pack of Gundam Mk III its really very ma-angas looking. The back pack is big well not really but it is a very powerful looking one. When you put the back pack on Gundam Mk III its already awesome when you look at it. Come to think of it that the back pack really looks similar to Strike Noirs or the Astrays back pack for some reasons. The back pack has three thrusters, two canons I guess that’s what they call them. There are also two huge fuselage or a fuel tank on both left or right wing. The back pack also act as a storage for two bazookas at the back. The details for the back pack is really cool I think that the back pack really makes a stand out for Gundam Mk III. I think with out its back pack the design would fall of from the very simple design of Gundam Mk II.

The shield is also a very detailed one. It can also act as a storage for extra magazine clips and a spare parts for the beam rifle. Shield also has two beam saber handler on the pointed tip acting as an offensive weapon rather than defensive one. You can mount the beam on the sabers handler on the pointed tip of the shield. The shield has a trade mark logo of Anaheim Electronics and AEUG in front of it. For the handheld armaments the Gundam Mk III has two beam bazookas, one short beam rifle, four beam sabers handlers, one long barelled beam rifle and another long barelled for the full armor Gundam Mk III. The only thing that I don’t like on its armament is the shorter beam rifle it looks like a paint ball gun to me. Every armament of Gundam Mk III is beautifully crafted and very detailed. It also comes with a display base with a name on it.

For putting up or suiting up the armor on Gundam Mk III is a very easy one all you have to do is just snap it in on the right place and your done. The only thing that irritates me when I’m putting up the armor is that the armor parts for the legs is somewhat cannot fit in properly or there is really a fitment problem on that part and it somewhat really awkward. Sometimes when you put on the armors it falls off easily I think this is the same quality issues in some past Gundam Fix Figuration. Another incident that I have is on the front side skirts of the armor is also easily falls off when you are putting the other armor parts. But when you already done putting up the armors this beast is really awesome indeed the color scheme of white/red over grey really do blends and stand out. This beast is like a small brother to the EX-s line the giant Hyper Beam cannon really completes these whole package. Also when it comes to articulation again on a full armor its also bad the same thing on a non-armor one. However, even on its bulkiness or a full load atleast this one still looks very mobile.

Again the detail is really awesome when you put on the armor you can see a bigger trademark of Anaheim Electronics on its right shoulder while on the left shoulder is a small Gundam Mk-III trademarks. The thing that I like on its full armor is its beam shoulders tip its like that it has a wing when you fold it up sideways. Another odd thing about the whole armor is on its legs part again because of its two large canons on its both sides I don’t know if is a real canon or just a huge aesthetics.

For the final thoughts and conclusion on this yet another great GFF release the details do really makes it up for the lost of bad articulation and quality issue. This beast is really good for display purposes not for play thou. As for the score I rate this as an 8/10. I hope Bandai will fix the quality issue on armor fitness in the future. This is still a highly recommended fig.

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