Posted by : Kevin Amiel Ismael Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here's a local event that we want to share so you guys might want to view something new. 
The Gunpla kit contest was held by GFP-Mindanao; a local Gundam group in Davao.
This is a good thing to post because we usually are curious what some small local Gundam community do. :)

The Poster says it all.

Here's a good group kit display.
photo courtesy of Reida Jade Renovilla

And here are the thirteen entries that were submitted on the contest.
photo courtesy of Sean Perez 
I've included their profile links so you guys can probably view their wip or a more close up look of the kit.

MG Delta Plus on Delta Gundam Colors
owner: Unknown

MG Char's Rick Dom
owner: unknown

MG Char's Zgok

MG Delta Plus
 (byaku shiki colors? nu colors? xD )

MG Infinite Justice
Owner: Uknown

MG Age-2 Dark Hound ver. 13th
owner: Sean Perez

MG Quebeley
owner: Unknown

MG Rick Dias

MG Sinanju
owner: Unknown

MG Gundam Mk II  on Rx-78-2 colors

MG Infinite Justice
owner: Unknown

Mg Gelgoog ver Tri Stars
owner: Unknown

1/100 Nix Providence
owner: Ryan Blue

and that's all the 13 entries. I wonder who won. 


this is pretty good! To make an actual scene using P.O.P. Figures the diorama is really big. 

photo courtesy of Reida Jade Renovilla

they forgot Sengoku xD and i kinda don't like seeing Blackbeard on the top making him look like the boss of the marines. Or probably they made that on purpose since it looks like they're going to execute Blackbeard. 

the contributor probably forgot to take a photo of  the other side of the diorama and look it's Jinbei's arm xD

There you have it. It's really nice to present some small gunpla related events that aren't usually featured by other gundam 
news-sites. :)

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