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Female gunpla modelers are hard to come by, often going under the radar and remaining relatively unknown, perhaps feeling apprehensive towards the significantly male dominated demographic of the hobby, you might never know one of your friends in the hobby was a girl until you personally meet them or you are close to begin with.

And yet, there's one new enthusiast in the hobby who isn't so scared of asserting herself among a largely male fanbase.

Fearless Female Fan: Nikki! 

Meet Nikki Sto. Tomas, the most recent recruit in the PinoyGundam family, who started her plamo journey last April.  Needless to say, she caused quite a stir over at the PG Facebook group, and it's likely this is only the beginning for her. 

We had the chance to interview her yesterday and generally introduce her to our readers ( and to those who haven't already made themselves known in the threads she posted).

M: Okay haha, well first, thanks for allowing PG Blog to interview you, I guess the first question that will interest readers would be, Why do you do gunpla?

NikkiWell, I think it's a way to relieve my stress and I find it really enjoyable while building gunplas. Actually, The anime series got me into building because I am a huge fan of Gundam 00/Seed/Wing.. :))

M: Looks like a good a time to ask then, who is your favorite character among the series you mentioned?
NikkiGundam 00, Lockon. Seed, Kira. Wing, Heero :)) (Actually debating if Kira or Athurn) XDDD

Nikki: Athrun** Lol sorry

M: Final answer na si Athrun? 


NikkiHmm.. Kira na LOL
M(laughs) So ano ang reaction ng people when they find out about your hobby?

Well, initially, girls found it weird. Not all girls but most of them. Especially sa barkada ko, kasi they don't really know what I am doing.. Guys naman, opposite. The reaction I got from them based on PG was overwhelming :))

M: With open arms lang talaga no? :)) so how is the experience for you so far? IE: gunpla and the people in the hobby.

NikkiAs or gunpla, It's fun.. When I started building, I had that feeling that I should build another one. People in the hobby? Well they are friendly and so far great. When you're gonna ask something or for some help they'd give you their best suggestions :))

M: Good to know that hobbyists are welcoming and friendly, with all the tips you get and work you're doing, what are you liking the most about gunpla?

NikkiWhat I like most about gunpla? Hmm.. Let's see, the process in building it.. It takes my mind off of stuff. And the way I can customize it the way I want it to be or as they call it "kitbashing".. But overall, ever since I got in to this hobby. I love everything about it.

MAny current projects?

NikkiAile Strike Gundam Just bought it yesterday :))

Mnice! aside from gunpla what are your other hobbies?

NikkiI love Anime, collecting figures/posters/merch! Most of my figures are nendoroids/figuarts. I collect CDS/DVDs also both anime and kpop.

M: Cool haha, going back to gunpla:  which kit would you like to have the most and why?

NikkiFor me, I'd go for Virtue+Nadleeh. Because I love both the outer and the inner appearance of it, color scheme is great, It also looks feminine and I love the pilot. :)) It's really rare for me to get my hands on that though. I can't find it anywhere :))

M: Which scale?

NikkiHG palang avail nun diba? So 1/144? If may larger one.. Go lang. The bigger the better. Mas may challenge. :))

Mhaha well we're on the last leg of the interview so, here's one question that's about girls with similar interests as yours:

how would you encourage other girls into taking up the hobby?

NikkiLets see, Girls should not be intimidated by most of the guys into gunpla. Gunpla building is a hobby that is for any gender and age. By building gunpla, I think I can show that not only males can do it, but females too. An actual feedback from me is this interview, as I've said, once you try building one kit, you'll enjoy it and you won't regret it. It relieves stress and takes your mind off of things that isn't that necessary. It's really enjoyable actually!

M: Any final words for our readers?

NikkiFor those who gave time into reading this, I hope you enjoyed. Hehe. And I hope we can share this so that the range of female gunpla builders would widen! I may not be a pro in building gunplas, but what matters is that I enjoy doing it. At least that's how I would say it. :)) Lastly, good luck to all of those who joined contests and may you all enjoy building your kits! *brofist*

And there you have it, friends. Nikki, our friendly, ever eager plasmate considers herself one of the guys, she's not afraid to join in on the topics and contribute her own. This is the beginning of her plamo story, and if this interview is any indication, she's about to start making bigger waves in the years to come. 

Until next time, Mismo! 

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  1. Wow namn nakakainlove ung ganun female gunpla builders :) mas unique kaysa samin na mga guy gunpla builders..karamihan kasi mga lalake.. sana mkahanap ako ng kagaya mo cute na female gunpla builder pa at cguradong mgkakasundo.. hahahah :)


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